Technical parameters:
Host size :10.5cm × 7cm × 2cm
Remote control size: 6cm × 4cm × 1.2cm
Host Operating Supply AA (1.5V × 4)
Remote control Power supply: 1 pcs 23A
Operating Frequency: 433MHz
Super-regenerative receiver mode to receive mode
Security detection current <1mA
The maximum ignition current: 10A
While the number with remote control 1pcs      
Maximum remote distance> 100M
Please watch the video operations:
      http: //v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjk3NjUwOTky.html

A02 Firing system Instructions:
       To ensure that you can safely use the product correctly, please read carefully and keep this manual.
This product uses four battery-powered, the receiver box with fireworks products display the location of each receiver box can be simultaneously detonated series 2-3 igniter. The product is equipped with a one-button, a two-button remote control, you can only with either a remote control. Receiver and remote control correspond to the remote distance of about 70 meters.
1, the product is equipped with two remote controls, two receiver box points A, B. Two buttons on the remote control respectively A, B receiver box discharge at a different time, a key remote control receiver box two discharge at the same time;
2, the four AA batteries into the battery compartment, turn on the switch, the red and yellow light; there is one case of two lights is not lit, indicating that the igniter is faulty, it can not be used;
3, the corresponding button on the remote control, the yellow light is off, the red light is flashing brighter, normal remote control receiver;
4, access products, the red light is off, the yellow lights brighter, the product is connected properly;
5. Press the remote control button, which ignited.
1, when the line does not use connected, be careful not to strong vibration receiver box;
2, a receiver box to access multiple products simultaneously using the serial manner, preferably not more than 3;
3, receiver box near fireworks, take anti-fouling receiver box;
4, when the product is not used, remove the batteries to corrosion damage to the battery box turbid;
5. Do not place the product in damp, acid and other polluted environment.
6, remote control using code design, re-rate is small, but there may be heavy code. When the receiver box connectivity products, be sure to pay attention to take good care of the remote control, in order to avoid damage caused by misuse. From start to connect some fireworks from the human body to avoid the fireworks out of the crater, the connection must be a safe distance away from the fireworks after testing, it has been free ignition signal interference by other delays fireworks injuries.
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